Friday, September 19, 2008

Seconds In San Fran ; )

Spending time in this city, you can't help but want to try every place you see. Luckily, most places are way veggie friendly so the only thing you have to worry about is fitting into your britches when you head home!

One place I never miss is Millenium. It is a famous vegetarian gourmet spot and rightfully so. Pricing is not for the faint of heart but the time, effort and creativity that goes into devising the seasonal menu here is worth every penny. The ambiance is classy art deco and the food is to die for. I own all of their cookbooks and hand over my wallet willingly for one of the best meals ever ; ) This time around I had a 5 course meal that filled me up with vegan happiness as it included tasty bread with hummus, salad, appetizer, entree and dessert. I should have jogged all the way back to LA! Salivate at Millenium.

You can't go to the city without stopping into a brew house with some friends. The 21st Amendment is a great option for just that type of outing. Tons of beers, near the Giants Stadium, fun vibe and food for all. While everyone pounded brewskis, I went to town on a cheeseless Portabello Mushroom Napoleon and a stacked veggie burger with avocado, mushrooms and onions. As you can imagine, I walked back to our hotel ; ) Twice!!! Look them up at the 21st Amendment.

Trying to not overdo it again, we had lunch the next day at Asquew Grill. A fun place full of skewered treats! I opted for the tofu stick that came with veggies and i swapped my mashed potatoes for citrus cous cous on the side. Super yummers!! With everything for greenies to omnis, Asqew Grill has it all from skewered salads to sides of fresh veggies ; )

Dinner that evening was at the swanky Paragon. They pride themselves on using locally grown foods and are as organic as possible. Every dish is a work of art and they are more then happy to accommodate vegans. I kept it light with a field green salad and an incredible quinoa entree that I had them prepare without their truffle butter. For a great meal, day or night, check out Paragon.

Stay tuned cause there's one more bay city installment comin' up!

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