Friday, April 27, 2007

Health Friendly Flagstaff

After walking over the Grand Canyon with nothing but glass between us and the canyon below, we headed off to Flagstaff, Arizona. We stayed here for a few nights and I loved the health friendly vibe.

A nice mountain town and the closest place to stay if you are heading towards the southern rim, and most frequently visited, portion of the Grand Canyon. Home to Northern Arizona University and somewhat of a ski town as they are a quick drive to the Arizona Snow Bowl, Flagstaff has alot of great options for the healthy food aficionado. Flagstaff has a great downtown area with some rather cute bars (yes, I am The Healthy Traveler, but I can still whoop it up!!)

I stumbled across Macy's Coffee House & Vegetarian Restuarant our first morning. My better half was none to excited as he is my polar opposite when it comes to dining. Although he was happy to indulge me as most of our trip I was making do at any stop we made. Just another obstacle that The Healthy Traveler has no problem conquering ; )

Macy's had a great indie, college vibe with the menu to match. Fresh Juices, soy lattes and delectable snack size meals were a great way to start our day. And health was the name of the game here at Macy's. Nothing was fried or processed and even though I saved no room for dessert, they looked great in all their organically sweet glory.

On our way out of town, I wanted to stock up on goodies for the road and I hit the jackpot. We passed right by New Frontiers Market as we pulled in to gas up next door. This was a small version of a Whole Foods but sacrificed none of the variety. In fact, I wanted to do cartwheels in the deli!! They offered all types of breads for their sandwiches, including wheat free spelt, as well as some killer sides like vegan potato salads, dolmas, quinoa and much more. I also had to throw a scrumptious slice of chocolate tofu cheesecake into my overloaded basket. Even my convenience food counterpart agreed it was convincingly yummy! I have to add that the service was impeccable and the staff incredibly sweet!

So yes, I was as happy as a kid at Chuck E Cheese in Flagstaff and when I return, I want to stop at these places I missed:

  • Amelia's Garden
  • Morning Glory
  • Mountain Oasis
  • New Jersey Pizza

All of which offer clear conscience cuisine for the omnivore and herbivore ; )