Friday, February 19, 2010

Eureka! in NorCal

I was charmed by this little seaside town in Northern California. It somehow has kept a lot of its history, making you feel like you've stepped into the early years of the state. You can just picture horse drawn carriages and ladies in big Victorian dresses. But I will say that the food and folks are very much modern and forward thinking ; ) I was excited to see how many options there where but maybe that's because they are in Humboldt county, heehee ; )

We pulled in after a long day of driving and lunched at Hurricane Kate's. I was famished so I shared the delicious portobello sate and then chowed on their awesome nut burger. They've got all kinds of healthy fare and it was a nice place to eat on our first venture in town.

Later that night we wanted to get a taste of the night life in town in headed over to the Lost Coast Brewery. Not only do they feature a bunch of local brews, but this watering hole dished out some pretty yummalicious food! Lots of healthy fare that included tofu tacos, Humboldt green party veggie burger or even a  tofu burger. There's nothing like being able to order up a healthy meal to go with your organic beer ; )

The next day we breakfasted at the eco & healthy diner, Golden Harvest. I started my day right with the Popeye Scramble made with tofu and sans the cheese. Everything at Golden Harvest is made  with the best local ingredients and a lot of it is made from scratch.  Definitely a must for the first meal of the day and their lunch menu looks great too!

For our last meal in town we decided to splurge and go fancy shmancy so we dined at Avalon. Very pretty and suiting for downtown, Avalon serves up nothing but organic and local fare.  I was able to find a deleicious veggie item in their home made gnocchi (with no cheese) that followed my fresh field green salad. It really was a nice meal and a treat from our usual road trip meals ; )

We were in and out of Eureka but I would recommend that if you ever drive up the western coast to add it to your stop and dine list!