Friday, September 26, 2008

"Sayonara" San Franciso!

Ok, so normally ice cream isn't a healthy option but I can't visit the bay area without a quick trip to Maggie Mudd. It's a small ice cream shop with a big menu that makes ice cream lovers of any age, and any diet, do cartwheels in the street! They have soy, coconut and rice cream options as well as traditional moo ice cream ; ) I went nuts and broke my diet by having a loaded soy cream sundae with hot vegan fudge, a mountain of vegan whipped cream and sprinkles!! They make all kinds of frozen delicacies, even vegan ice cream cake!! Break your diet without to much guilt at Maggie Mudd!!

Stepping out on the town on our last night in town, we strolled into Impala. It was a way cool bar/lounge and when I sip wine, I get the munchies ; ) Lucky for me Impala had some buck guacamole and crazy good veggie tacos!! I really liked the vibe and I loved that I didn't have to wait till last call to convince everyone to go eat at 2 am!!

Breakfast, when done right, can be the bomb! We stopped in to Ananda Fuara on our last day and I was stoked to have a well done tofu scramble that I added some veggie sausage, guac and black beans to while Dan was still able to eat his usual morning meal ; ). They serve breakfast through dinner and I would love to come back to try something else when I return. I couldn't wait so I took some veggie raviolis to eat later that night, heehee! Find out more at Ananda Fuara.

After our last few stops in town, we wanted to grab something quick before we hit the road. 'Wichcraft caught my eye cause I'm a sucker for innovative names, logos, packaging and all around eye candy ; ) It was a smart stop for the opposite dietary duo as Dan got a meaty cheesy sandwich while I got a chickpea, peppers,olives and general off the hook, party in your mouth ingredients bewtween 2 slices of ridiculously awesome bread. I dig these easy and healthy sandwicheries popping up in big cities and so will you!! Let 'Wichcraft cast a spell on your tummy!

Now I'm gonna sew my mouth shut until our next trip out of town!!

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