Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentine's Diet Massacre

Ah yes, Valentine's Day. The day where you either stuff your face with a rich meal, wine, candy and chocolate along with your better half or celebrate single awareness day with quite the same menu. Which ever Valentiner you are, here are some healthy tips to make this "holiday" less guilt ridden ; )
  • If you choose to stay in and have a romantic meal, make a delicious salad with arugula and avocado. Make a light homemade honey mustard dressing and toss a few pine nuts on top. Each ingredient in the yummy, healthy salad is an aphrodisiac!
  • If you are fighting the dining crowds on V-day, try sushi. Veggie sushi with brown rice and a glass of organic wine will rev up your night without slowing down your metabolism. It's sexy to feed your dinner partner and it too is a proven aphrodisiac.
  • Wine is the alcoholic beverage of choice for health nuts as it's the lowest in calories. Opt for a glass or 2 over your usual mixed drink and your waistline will thank you. Especially if you are squeezing into a little bit of nothing later in the evening ; )
  • Whether you choose to stay in or out, opt for a fruity desert. Strawberries, raspberries, bananas and pineapples are great to help you digest your sensual meal and again, are part of a short, but healthy list of erogenous foods. If you are home, grab some soy whipped cream and make a yummy parfait for 2!
  • Go for a romantic walk after your meal. Sitting around after a rich meal slows down digestion which doesn't feel so good come "sexy time". Walk it off on this cool winter night and then get inside with your honey to warm up!
  • If you are hot for some good old fashioned chocolates in a heart shaped box, check out Indulge in Chocoalte, Taraluna and Garuda International for their fair trade chocolates. The lack of dairy will keep you from falling asleep and dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants. You won't miss anything from run of the mill Valentine's chocolates but you will taste the presence of full chocolate flavor that will make you purrrr!
  • Celebrate with organic and fair trade gifts! The Organic Consumers Association has an extensive list of green, organic and fair trade vendors for all your Valentine's shopping needs. Check them out!
So whether it's a special night for you and your baby or a fun night out with friends, let this Valentine's day be a sexy, sweet and healthy one!

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