Friday, February 1, 2008

More in Baltimore

After we left the warmth of South Florida, we jumped up the east coast to Maryland. We spent some time in a few different cities, good ol' Baltimore being one of them. I was surprised to see what a nice variety of healthy grub there was as well as some other neat sites.

The evening we arrived, we spent time a walking around downtown. We explored the lovely National Aquarium and got a bit hungry from the workout of walking up and downstairs. There was a whole group of us and we were in tourist central so we ended up at The Hard Rock Cafe. Yep, you can find something healthy there! I usually splurge on veggie burger with a side salad but I only eat half the bread. I've also ordered their fajitas in the past and just asked for grilled veggies instead of meat, no sour cream or cheese but extra guac and salsa! Yumm! See for yourself at the Hard Rock!

Well, poking around Baltimore I didn't think I was in the south. But The Yabba Pot specialized in vegan soul food!! What? Yeah, and tasty too! Can I just say bbq tofu wrap? How about a nice helping of Avocado or "chick-un" salad? Hells yeah!!

Finally, on our way out of town, we hid from the cold at The City Cafe. A very New York feeling vibe, City Cafe was a good find for all of us. My fellow travelers had yumminess of their own while I chowed down on an ridiculously tasty roasted eggplant sammy ; ) They had a nice variety of veggie friendly fare and some super cool atmosphere to boot. Make your way in to The City Cafe.

I will definitely be back for some more in Baltimore ; )

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hard Rock, I was there several years ago and was a little disappointed with their veggie burger. It was a bit dry. Did I simply get a bad burger that time? Have they changed it?