Friday, June 22, 2007

Sensational Santa Barbara

So, I had to take a quick day trip for business up to Santa Barbara. Rough, ain't it? I know, I know ; ) What a beautiful place to have a meeting, a spa treatment, an out of this world meal, a history lesson.... You catch my drift! Santa Barbara is choice!! (Yeah, I'm bringing that back)

Of course, I had to eat somewhere so I popped into Le Bon Cafe in Downtown. It's super close to the popular State Street and ridiculously good! I almost fell out of my seat when I took the first bite of my Plantain Sandwich. Yeah! No bread for you low and no carb people as well as gluten free'ers. It was jam packed with hummus, black beans and corn, avocado, and more. So Yummy!! I also had some of their fresh squeezed watermelon juice ; ) They've got a great selection of salads, sandwiches and juices and is mostly organic. I was so excited and I will definitely be back!! Look them up at .

If you are in town for a long weekend, definitely stop in for dinner at Sojourner Cafe (it happens to be right next door to Le Bon). The menu is to die for! Incredibly vegan/vegetarian friendly, the dishes are phenomenal. It really is a leaf eaters paradise that won't scare away any carnivores as they also serve poultry and fish. Check out their imaginative menu at .

Finally, this little secret will make your stay even better. Spa Angels is a private studio spa as well as a "we come to you" treat. They have super innovative treatments, a serene studio with a private chef, pilates and yoga classes as well as their own signature line of holistic, natural products. Go to their studio or have them pop into your hotel, office or home by booking them at .

So much to do and see, so little time. Guess I will have to go back soon!!

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Your travels look so yummy! I must say I'm addicted to your blog:)

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