Friday, June 29, 2007

Healthy Big Bear Fare

Definitely a place for some killer outdoor recreation, Big Bear also has some surprisingly good places to eat and keep fit!

Most people who visit Big Bear know that it gets pretty chilly in the evenings and crazy cold in the winter. That means people need sustenance! There is no shortage of hearty cuisine here but they don't neglect to fill up our leafy eatin' friends just fine ; ) Check out B's Backyard BBQ and Cafe Mambo in our webisode below.

B's Backyard BBQ and Beach Bar is located at 350 Alden Rd in Big Bear Lake
Phone: (909) 866-5400
It really is a perfect place to bring your hungry friends and you won't have any problems finding some healthy choices.

Cafe Mambo is located at 40766 Village Drive, Big Bear Lake
Phone: (909) 878-2166
This Latin Fusion eatery is not only unique to the area but unique in taste!!!

One more place to hit up is Mandoline Bistro. Also in Big Bear Village, Mandoline has a jazz club and an upscale ambiance. They were great when I mentioned I was vegan as the chef whipped up a special gourmet plate just for me ; ) For a nice night in Big Bear, check them out for sure!!


Jetsetergirl said...

I liked it but I didn't know you ate Shrimp????

Radha (Big Bear Lake) said...

It's surprising how much food in Big Bear Lake is healthy.

Have you tried Himalayan Restaurant in the Village? The have fantastic food based on Indian and Nepalese cooking.

Go here for a dining guide for Big Bear, CA;