Friday, March 19, 2010

London Revisited

My last visit across the pond was a freezing one! The coldest, snowiest winter in the last 100 years and yes, it sure felt that way ; ) It was nice to see snow on the ground as well as on the countryside as we whizzed by in trains, but nothing felt as warm and cozy as a delicious meal! I was incredibly excited to go back to London and revisit some faves from my last trip but even more so for some new locations that had sprouted up since my last jaunt. There were so many places I hadn't gone that I made sure I squeezed them all in within the week we spent in jolly, frozen, England!
I must open with Saf Restaurant & Bar. Not only is it hip & chic, it is incredibly tasty, 100% vegan and offers lots of raw dishes.  I heard about it from Chef Tal Ronnen, and anyone who has tried his food knows that if he has anything to do with something, it's gotta be good!  I made a beeline toward Saf on my first free day. Ordering up a feats for lunch, I started with their phenomenal Pesto Au Poivre, a gourmet cheese made from cashews sure to knock the biggest carnivore's socks off. I followed that with a delicious TLT Ciabatinni (smoked tofu, lettuce, tomato, garlic mayo on yummy crusty bread). The menu changes with the seasons and makes it all the more fun and interesting. Their juices and cocktails are just as gorgeous as their dishes while their desserts, insane! See how beautiful the food is, salivate over the menu online at Saf!

If you're looking for a hipster, chill, artsy, music filled, vegan meal, then Inspiral Lounge is the spot for you! Streaming their own radio station and dishing out nothing but tasty treats, this lounge/cafe is located right by Camden Market. Lots of young, trendy, discount shops, Inspiral is a great place for a break and a bite. Their menu is great with your choice of entree, sides and salads, all for a nice price.  Beer, wine & desserts can be found here as well, perfect complements to the relaxed feeling of the riverfront locale. Stop in and be Inspiralled!

With locations all over the UK, Europe, and now the US, Wagamama is a fun choice for healthy, community style dining. With shareable, Japanese plates, diners have oodles of noodles to choose from. Something for everyone, Wagamama has a ton to offer veggies or any other special diet ; ) I went for the raw juice (cucs, carrots, tomato, orange, apple), yasai gzoyas & yasai yatzu curry. Yasai means veggie ; ) Suck it up & look for a location near you!

I LOVED the concept behind Tossed. A fast growing chain in the UK, Tossed is not only healthy, it's fun!  With a new location popping up somewhere all the time, each is quite different from the next. But the food offerings are awesome at any of them.  At Tossed, you get to choose your fiber base of pasta, brown rice or salad. Then you add your ingredients from all sorts of veggies and proteins. You choose you dressing and it all gets tossed! They also offer soups, sandwiches, juices, coffees and some pre-packaged meals if you're on the go but their you build it, we make it meals are the best! Keeping an eye on calories, low GI grains and keeping fat at bay, you really can't feel guilty going overboard at Tossed!

I've got some more updates on London as well as some more spots across England so come back for more!


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