Friday, March 5, 2010

Great Finds at Go Green Expo 2010!

I really enjoy attending all sorts of expos from health to adventure, fashion to food, as there is so much to learn, try & see! I was excited to be in town for the Go Green Expo, 1 of many they have year round in major cities around the U.S. The one here in LA is the largest green expo in the area so I did my very best to squeeze in all it had to offer in 1 day.  I've decided to share my top finds from this year's expo, so with no further a due, here they are!:
  • Eco Panda Swim Suits - Not only are these swimsuits stylish, cute & comfy, they are 100% eco! Made from recycled nylon from fish nets, these suits for all shapes & sizes are sure to please the wearers as well as the lookers ; ) They also carry cute cover-ups, bags that tuen into your beach towel and other cute beachy accessories. Visit them & shop at
  • Sovereign Earth Water Bottles - Weather you're an adventure seeker or just a concerned mom, don't let the quality of you water keep you awake at night. Not when you have a Sovereign Earth Water Bottle! Each bottle is produced using only 100% recyclable, food grade materials - non-leaching and BPA-free. The Sovereign Earth water filter removes up to 99.99% of common contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, industrial and agricultural pollutants, and pharmaceuticals, leaving you with only the healthy vitamins and minerals naturally found in the water. Not your average water bottle and soon, medical grade filters will be available for those of you who are big time adventurers ; ) Buy 1 for everyone you know at
  • ReGreet Cards - Ever get a card that is so cute but you can't find it anywhere to gift it to someone on your list? Not in the mood to spend $4 for something that might just end up in the trash after the cake is all but gone? Well ReGreet has found a way to help both scenarios while also helping the environment!  Greeting card kits are sold so that you are able to re-use greeting cards while offering the same choice to your giftee if they choose to "ReGreet".  Check out their innovative, eco & money saving kits at
  • People Towels - How frustrating when you've washed your hands in a public restroom and there are no paper towels or even so much as a hand dryer? Fret no more with People Towels? These colorful hand towels fold up nicely and come with their own little case that can fit snug in your pocket or purse so that you are drippy no more ; ) Clean & green! Pick out your People Towel today at
  • OrganicKidz Bottles - I don't have kids yet but I loved this product line. These bottles are not only eco-friendl and super healthy (BPA free, etc), but they grow with your baby! Use a baby bottle nipple, a sippy cup top and then on to sports bottle top - all with the same bottle.  And if you need to measure anything like formula, cut juice with water, etc, the top is a measuring cup as well. I thought this was really innovative and I know what will be at the top of my registry once I'm preggers ; ) See what I'm raving about at
  • Bayes Waterless Car Wash Soap - Not only will you save time with this product, you will save money & conserve water! No more rinsing, soaping, rinsing again & toweling off your 4-wheeled baby. Nope! Just 1 step saves you gallons of water & oodles of time. Keep your car sparkling clean and your conscience green with Bayes Waterless. Find this and other Bayes natural cleaning products at
  • Glee Gum - I grew up with Chiclets, Bubble Yum, Chewels, Big League Chew & the fruity one with the zebra ; ) By far, Chiclets were my fave and Glee Gum brings that back in an all natural way. No chemicals, artificial flavors or sweeteners, Glee is the best way to chew. Check out their flavors and other products at
  • Froobi Non-Stick Pan -Yep, a healthy & eco non-stick pan!! It's not Teflon or some other toxic material. The secret is that it's ceramic!  Healthy, even cooking without the headaches of scrubbin' off stuck on food.  Yay!! Lots to check out at
  • Harnessed Humidity - Ok, so it might be a little pricey but I like the idea. This water dispenser doesn't need a jug or a hook up to a tap. It just needs a little air! Taking the humidity from the air, this device harnesses water, filters it and dispenses great tasting H2O in minutes! Cold, hot or room temp, I was razzle dazzled. See how neat this machine is at
  • Fresh Snack Pack - I really like this next product for its simplicity. Wrap up your sandwiches in this reusable, BPA-free, non-leaching pouch and use it as a mat to enjoy your food on when it's chow time. Easy to wrap up, simple to eat on and a cinch to clean, save money & the environment with
  • Go Green Oil Filter - Besides computer and cell phone trouble, car trouble takes the cake. Save money and frustration while saving the earth with the Go Green Oil Filter. GoGreen oil filters are reusable and have zero landfill impact. The earth-friendly GoGreen oil filter reclaims 100% of the oil in the filter, allowing you to recycle all the waste oil. Get one asap at
  • SorbentGreen - Oil spill? No problem. Hazardous waste? No problem. Blood? Yep, no problem. GreenSorb is a phenomenal product for medical offices, mechanic shops, and even your home.  The patented materials are 100% eco friendly and toxin free. So much so that no matter what it absorbs, it renders it non-toxic. Oh yeah, that makes it much easier to dispose of as well ; ) See the demo at
  • OmGym - Fun, portable fitness, all in one cool pouch. Work out, stretch or just have some healthy fun withe the OmGym. Use it at home or on the go! View all the ways you can use your OmGym at
My next Expo coverage will be from The Natural Product Expo West so be sure to check back for a ton of great healthy & eco food, health, beauty, home, lifestyle products & more in just a few weeks!!


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Jin said...

i saw omgym at the raw food bazaar. it look sooo fun. i'd get it if i had somewhere to hang it.

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