Friday, February 26, 2010

Get Ready for Redding, CA!

One more stop before we headed once more through San Fran to visit friends and then home again. We were told that the Sun Dial Bridge was pretty neat so that was enough to get us of the 5 South and into Redding. This small northern California town had a neat bridge, a cute nature park & gardens as well as some tasty treats to satisfy my healthy appetite!

Since we were only there for 24 hours, I knew I had to fin some quick eats. Greengo's was just the place and they offer tons of vegan, gluten free and other special diet dishes. I went right for their rice & bean salada and a cup of their vegan soup of the day, tomato basil, mmmm ; )  Super cute, super quick, super healthy, it's Greengo's!

For din din, we grabbed a seat at The Downtown Eatery.  Along with our meal we got some great local live music. I devoured my portobello mushroom sandwich with cashew cheese along with my sweet potato fries and vegan garlic aioli dip.  It was really nice to chill out, listen to some fun tunes, take in the local scene and grub!

Sue's Java Cafe was a nice departure from my usual on the road Starbucks (they always have soymilk so it's just a no brainer). Their soy chai was delightful as was their freshly baked bread & the vegan chili I took with me for the ride home. Really cute and really yum, who could ask for a better way to start the day!

Redding was quick but I had enough time to enjoy the local vibe.  If you're passin' through to see the Sun Dial bridge, now you know where to eat too!


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Phyllisia said...

I'm very sorry to tell you that GreenGos has closed down :(
DT Eatery is still in full swing though. :)