Friday, July 10, 2009

Green, Healthy and Volunteer Travel Adventures

Who wouldn't love to have their own, personal travel agent that customizes every detail from the destination all the way to your meals? Whether you are eco friendly, health conscious or want to do some good while you're away, there are a variety of companies that can help you create the vacation of a lifetime. From volunteer travel to adventures and excursions, here is a list to get you started on planning your dream getaway!:
  • Green Earth/Vegtravel - One of the premier vegetarian/vegan/eco travel agencies in the country, Green Earth/Vegtravel caters to the discriminating traveler. Those who desire to maintain their healthy and/or green lifestyle while adventuring throughout the world. Donna Zeigfinger, President and owner of Green Earth Travel,LLC is a seasoned traveler herself and a member of the International Vegetarian Union. Vegtravel can help you book custom designed vacation trips, group departures, cruises, eco adventure, fitness, spa, family, yoga, organization fundraising trips and more! The extensive data base of trips/packages and resources contained within the site will enable those who practice a vegetarian and/or green lifestyle to travel without food being a concern. Like me!!
  • Blisscape - Boasting romantic travel made simple. Run by a healthy and green husband and wife team, Blisscape prides itself on helping book and create luxurious vacations for their subscribers. They also help plan green and volunteer travel worldwide. In addition, the site offers tips and info on travel fashion and trends along with being your online travel agent.
  • Real Adventures - If you want adventure, this is the place! From specialized tours for bikers, educational to eco-tourism and wildlife trips, Real Adventures is a great resource for all types of travel. Book your next airborne thrill or kayaking trip here today!
  • One World Volunteer - At One World, they believe that explorations in travel is that there is a lot that needs to be done to make the world a better place. The projects that you'll find on their site were started by people who saw a need and acted on it, by; starting a school, creating a reserve, building an animal shelter, growing organic food, etc. Traveling is a way to discover new things about ourselves and learn to see ourselves more clearly. Volunteering abroad is a way to spend time within another culture, to become part of new community, to experience life from a different perspective. What better way to see a part of the world you may not have gone to or been able to afford to go while helping another person in need ; ) Sign up as a tour guide or just join a trip as a volunteer soon!
  • Healthy Adventures - This site is great for healthy, pre-fixe vacations and seminars. The company offers set vacation packages that they host and you can join. Each organized vacation offers all kinds of activities in all kinds of locations. It's also a great way to meet new people. Space is limited to their trips and seminars so if you see one you like, get to it!
Plan your next adventure soon and get out there!! See you in a few weeks after some summer family time!!


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