Friday, February 6, 2009

Savann-ahhhhh ; )

Yay!! More Savannah!! Being as small as it is, there are some great things to see, do and eat in this cute town. Hollywood thinks so as Savannah is very proud of the many films that have shot here like Forrest Gump and Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil. They've got movie tours, Paula Deen tours, Foody tours, Historic walks, ghost tours and tons of other stuff to keep you busy. And still, there is time to eat!

I'm always down with a good pizza and it sounded great before we headed out on a cold evening ghost tour. I was stoked at how awesome the Mellow Mushroom was! I could have rolled through town on my belly after my vegan tortilla soup and my bbq tofu and veggie pizza. They didn't have soy cheese but the pizza was great without it and it seemed like a happening family place as well as a fun joint for the art school crowd. I dug it and so did my regular pizza eating honey. For menu and locations, check out the Mellow Mushroom online.

Down at City Market there is a great little walking street filled with outdoor cafes and cute shopping. We spent a lot of time between the river front and the historic areas so finding a place to eat in the middle of all of that was no problem.

The Cafe at City Market had a neat retro vibe and a very American menu. With some modifications, it would be fit for a vegan, definitly acceptable for a vegetarian, but I went the easy route and had a house salad with a steamy bowl of black bean soup.

Belford's is a good old fashioned place serving up some southern favorites. I couldn't leave Savannah without trying some fried green tomatoes and to counteract the fried goodness, I had the Belford salad with no cheese. A nice selection and great service.

For a glass of wine and flavorful plates, Tapa's on Julian St. in City Market, is a fine choice. It's southern style tapas but I was still able to find a meal to suit my liking. A hearty veggie pasta primavera (I had them sautee in olive oil as it came with butter) was perfect before some more walking about town.

I can't rave enough about Savannah and I'm so looking forward to some more ghost hunting and eating in this charming city in the south!

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