Friday, November 21, 2008

Back To British Columbia

Eating like a piggles in Vancouver has turned me inside out!! So much yumminess in one town means I could not cram it into one post. I'm tickled to report that even the Starbucks up here offer vegan desserts!! It's to much to take!!!

I'm not a big raw foodie but I thought I'd mention Gorilla Food for my raw buddies. I will say that they did have a ton of options that would satisfy the hungriest of people and it was quite good. Gorilla Food has an innovative menu that features goodies like chocolate fudge, collard wraps and soup!!
They are definitely worth a visit ; )

One of my favorite places I found was Burgoo, an international, comfort food joint. I love the silly name and I LOVE their "vegitteranean" sandwich and dipping it into their ridockulous tomato soup hit the spot in the chilly weather. Just walking in, the delicious aromas just about knock you over and apparently their brunch is of the chain! Look them up as they have a few locations at Burgoo.

For a shi-shi, romantic meal, head back towards Kitsilano Beach and visit Lumiere. Wicked nice and devilishy delicious, Lumiere is sure to satisfy. Their gourmet menu is sheer artistry as they feature 4 pre-fix menu options, their vegetarian line up is devine. Definitley have deep pockets and an appetite for delicate presentations however, it is absolutely a great place to celebrate special occassions.

If you wanna chill, then you have to Chill Winston ; ) By the bay, this lounge and eatery lives up to its name. Great for a few drinks and sure to please anyone in your party, Chill Winston is the bomb! I was overjoyed with their innovative vegan options as they were filling and full of creatove flavors. While my counterparts enjoyed carpaccio, I chowed on a sesame rice bowl with tempeh steak and a glass o' red ; )

There is still so much to cover but I will be back in the nation to our north soon enough to report on some more Canadian delights!

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