Friday, October 10, 2008

Tasty Carson City

Carson City, Nevada is cute, quaint and a great little slice of the Old West. Surprisingly enough, every place we went to was exactly that however, very contemporary in their lovely veggie options!

What I love most about road trips is eating at mom and pop diners. It's the taste of Americana we miss out on in a big city and always a nice experience. We happened to find Mom & Pop's Diner in Downtown Carson City when we rolled in at breakfast time. They had diner staples which made Dan very happy but they also had some nice options for me. Diners are usually tough, greasy spoons where I order toast and some OJ but here at Mom & Pop's, I had a real meal!! I got a piping hot rice bowl that was stacked with delicious veggies with my choice of house sauces. I'm a whip so I went for the Texas BBQ but they had all kinds of spicy options ; ) Check them out at Mom & Pop's online ; )

We strolled around downtown and I emptied my wallet at various Christmas gift shops (I'm a sucker for holiday decor!!). Before I knew it, I was hungry so we checked out The Firkin & Fox. It was awesome! Located under an old hotel (apparently it's hanuted), this "new" old westy saloony grill had a great atmosphere along with funny slogans involving their funny name ; ) Again, you would think a bar would have limited healthy options but I had a bunch! They had veggie burgers and veggie stir fry but i opted for wrapping up a salad. They make wraps of any of the salads on the menu and it was extra yummers!! It was "Firkin" yummers! Check out their "Firkin" menu at the Firkin & Fox!

We walked some more and checked out Carson Cities historic sites and decided on one last bite before we headed up the mountain. I was in the mood for Italiano so we dined at B'Sghetti's ; ) I wasn't in the mood for pasta so I went for their big and tasty grilled veggie sandwich with a huge side of dipping marinara. I added a side salad and was good for the night! Dan ordered his usual Italian favorite, bruschetta, and I had a few nibbles - very good! They've got some of my faves on their menu, see if they have yours at B'Sghetti's!!

I love old west towns, especially when they've combined it with some new ideas like healthy eating. We were told that Virginia City would be something we would dig since we loved Carson City so maybe we'll head up there on our next trip but stop back in Carson City for some good eats!!

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