Friday, October 24, 2008

Scrumptious Sacramento

Initially we were in town to have dinner with the governator but we flaked on him to sight see on our own ; ) Well the sight seeing on our own part is true! Anyhoo, I would expect that the state capital city Governor Muscle calls home would cater to a healthy audience and I was soooo right!!

I opted out of my away from home treat, Starbucks, and walked into Chicory. I've always like the smell and taste of Chicory over coffee but it's availability is close to nil in most coffee houses. I was so excited for my soy chicory latte and my fresh veggie sandwich that instead of taking it on the run so Dan could go sketch the Capitol, I let him go while I enjoyed in inside their cute establishment. Definitely worth a stop if you're in town, Chicory is a great alternative to the competitive conglomerates ; )

After Dan's sketch we walked around downtown and came upon The Park. It's a cool area with bars, clubs and chic restaurants that included Ma Jong's Asian Diner so we decided we'd eat there. It was way cool inside and I am always happy when brown rice is offered! I ordered it in my garlic tofu rice bowl and it melted me ; ) I'm sure the place hops on a weekend and you can stroll over to one of their trendy clubs afterwards. Check out the Ma Jong's and The Park online.

For our last meal we looked around and decided on Cafe Bernardo's Midtown. I liked the look and style of the place and figured the food would be tasty based on their good taste ; ) We shared a nice sized salad and I scarfed a killer portobello mushroom sandwich (sans the mayo, sub balsamic, YUM!). Bernardo was casual and tasty and just what we needed before we headed back to LA. They have 3 locations and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner ; )

Sacramento is hip and becoming chic-er by the day. I look forward to my next visit to sink my teeth into some more sweet and savory meals!

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