Friday, September 5, 2008

OH, San Luis Obispo ; )

San Luis Obispo is a sweet town half way between LA and San Fran and is super close to the famed Hearst Castle. I dig the sleepiness of it as well as the great old mission architecture. It's a nice place to relax, take in the calm coast and possibly a tour of the castle in San Simeon as well as to get your grub on!

Every time I pass through SLO, I dine at Big Sky Cafe. It's a southwestern with asian flair style health joint and I dig it! I normally get a steaming bowl of their killer veggie chili but this time I got their bean burger with a side of my fave, sweet potato fries. There is something for everyone here and it is delicious. Info for Big Sky Cafe can be found online ; )

For a swell dinner, we like Vieni Vai trattoria. It's an authentic Italian eatery and I really enjoy their choices for veggies ; ) My boy and I split their yummy bruschetta and a big green salad and then I go for a hefty helping of the basil and tomato gnocchi. Prrrrr!! Vieni Vai serves lunch and dinner and is worth a try!

If you're with a bunch of non-veggies who have a hankerin' for some carcass but you still need to eat, Firestone Grill is a popluar pit stop. It's always packed and people drive from LA just to eat here. I was none to excited that I may have ot suck it up and eat fries but they had a really tasty veggie burger and they assured me it was made on a different grill ; ) Yay!! I loaded it with onions, mushrooms and avocado and it was super yum ; ) To appease everyone you may be traveling with, step into Firestone Grill located at 1001 Higuera St Ste A, San Luis Obispo, CA 9340,
(805) 783-1001.

For a drink and a good meal, Corner View is a great choice. They serve brunch, lunch and dinner and everything is hearty and fresh. I love their salad selection as well as great veggie appetizers, sandwiches and dinners. I like their veggie penne with a crispy salad ; ) Peruse Corner View's menu online.

So if you are on your way to see the crazy Hearst Castle or just stopping in for a relaxing weekend, San Luis Obispo doesn't disappoint the hungry ; )

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