Friday, August 15, 2008

Santa Cruz is Veggie Paradise ; )

As I searched for vampires, as I always do when I visit Santa Cruz, I had to fuel up the tank. And there is plenty of good fuelin' no matter where you go in tow. It really is a veggie paradise amongst those pesky bloodsuckers ; )

Famous for their surf, their amusement park pier and yes, the Lost Boys, Santa Cruz is also very crunchy! There isn't a place in town that doesn't accommodate their green patrons. My favorite place when I'm in the SC is The Acapulco. A Mexican joint on Pacific Ave that has the yummiest veggie taco meat and cilantro rice. You can get any variety of Mexican dishes made with veggies or the veggie meat and their guac and rice is mega yummm! And you can drag anyone there for margs and meaty dishes while you get to feast on the healthier side south of the border ; ) You can find the melt in your mouth tortillas and beans at 1116 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA, (831)426-7588.

For kitsch and late night grub, The Saturn Cafe is the place to go. It's fun spacey decor goes well with a killer vegan milk shake and tuno melt! Definitely not lo-cal but they do have great salads and soups as well as "regular" diner type food for your non-veggie pals. It's great fun with an even "funner" menu, check The Saturn Cafe out online.

If your craving some good Mediterranean while hanging ten on the Pacific, try The Falafel House. They've got traditional medi plates like hummus, dolmas, babaganoush and so on but they are big and fresh and tasty ; ) It's easy and wallet friendly to pop in and out of The Falafel House.

Hula's Island is way fun and way yum!! If you happen to be in Santa Cruz or Monterey, dining at Hula's has to be on your to do list. Hula's has what you would expect, a tiki theme and seafood BUT they do cater to peeps like me! Veggie spring rolls and a ridonkulous tofu and veggie wrap totally hit the spot. I also saw that they had a big ass veggie burger and tofu tacos!! Hop on the Hula's site and salivate ; )

Santa Cruz is full of great health food stores and even more leafy eateries but the Healthy Voyager has to keep movin'!

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