Friday, September 7, 2007

Passin' Time in Pasadena

Home of the Rose Bowl and some beautiful architecture, Pasadena is one of the prettiest areas in Los Angeles. It is swarming with people every day as their Old Town section is perfect for a nice walk, shopping and unique restaurants.

One of the first places I ate at as a vegan 8 years ago was Orean. It is like a vegan dairy queen with ice cream, shakes and wicked vegan junk food. I love their tacos and burgers!! They are at 817 N Lake Ave,(626) 794-0861.

Among the many chain restaurants in old town like Cheesecake Factory, Louise's Trattoria and so on, there is one that I adore and that is Le Pain Quotidien. In the recent years they have sprung up across LA but it's so damn good ; ) Their soups are almost always vegan, their salads fresh and their tartines delectable. My choice is always the black bean hummus tartine. Look them up at Le Pain Quotidien.

Despite the commercial, mainstream shops and restaurants, there are still many unique places such as this terrific Brazillian spot, Chiara, 43 E Colorado Blvd,(626) 564-8696. I was able to munch on some plantains and rice and share some of their hummus that was actually very good. I had a little to much of their caipirinas as they went down super smooth!

Just outside of Pasadena, you can find one of the best veggie places around, Fatty's. Fatty's, despite the name, is veggie fine dining in the heart of Eagle Rock. It really is amazing and I urge you to try their ravioli, moussaca or strudel. You must stay for dessert and have their Fudgey!! All info for them is online at Fatty's Cafe & wine bar.

So whether you live across town or across the country, if you find yourself in Pasadena, there is no shortage of yumminess ; )

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