Friday, April 20, 2007

Get Your Kicks On Route 66!

Recently, my honey and I took a little excursion across the great southwest. We visited some great places during our loop around the Grand Canyon, some extremely healthy, some not so much. But the Healthy Voyager always makes do and always enjoys the journey! This week's highlight from our week long trip is Kingman, Arizona.

Kingman was our first stop on our way to the west rim of the Grand Canyon to check out the new SkyWalk (that's a whole different blog; ( ) . Kingman is a small town that offers up authentic old west landmarks along with the longest stretch of the original Route 66. During our short stint there, we made sure we stopped by the historic Hotel Brunswick and the White Cliff Wagon Trail Path.

The Brunswick was quite the step into the past as this 100 year old hotel still has the look and feel of how one would imagine it once did in its youth. Fully operational and renovated, the Brunswick boasts one of Kingman's finest restaurants and bars as well as, you guessed it, ghosts!! Don't be scared as I'm sure they won't affect your meal ; ) In fact, the Brunswick hosts weddings and banquets of all kinds and from what I saw, some pretty delicious sandwiches and salads. So maybe the "guests" might not feel so natural but the dining experience sure is. The Healthy Voyager suggests the Baby Spinach with Grilled Chicken Salad (the hotel proprietors have no problem accommodating their vegan guests either!)

After we popped in to the once booming brothel, we took a short drive over to the the White Cliff Wagon Trail Path. This trail leads you to pioneer tracks that over time have been preserved as deep grooves in the rock. It was incredible to see how they came through and the rough terrain these brave travelers endured to settle in the west. One of the neatest things I've ever seen, the wagon wheel tracks are an incredible piece of our nation's history.

For more information on Kingman tourism and the Hotel Brunswick, check out their websites ; )

Being that the town was on the smaller side, we ate at a Chili's and loaded up our cooler at a local grocery store. Chili's always has a something to offer those of us on special diets as you can order up some great salads as well as grilled veggies and chicken or seafood. The local market, Smith's, had a great produce department and a suprisingly good selection of veggie meats and snacks. I was extremely content!

So if you find yourself passing through or staying in Kingman, pop into any of the a fore mentioned spots and enjoy!!


gina said...

Darn it, now I'm going to have to go to Arizona to check out that Hotel Brunswick! Keep coming up with these eating and travel tips - they're great!

Rory said...

Can you get any cooler? I think not.


Helen said...

Rachel Ray better watch her back!!!

Tina said...

Lovin' it! Keep it up!

Yasmine said...

This is great for tourists heading off to the States, a nice cheap alternative to the usual fast food outlets.

David said...

It's so nice to see that not everything that comes out of LA is blonde and botoxed. Real eating tips from a real person, who manages to be attractive without trying to look like Paris Hilton. And she can write!

MissMohini said...

Great Job! Keep it up! I love vegetarian comments! Looking forward to your next post..

sandra said...

It's good to see some good writing on all the vegetarian food chains!!